Andy Atherton

Wensy, I would be happy to work with Amigo Construction any time. There were many positives that I took from my experience working with Amigo Construction, and it was a successful project for both your company and mine.

I was very impressed when you brought your whole crew in for safety orientation and then stuck around to go over the many different details with your crew afterwards. I was also very impressed that you invited the James Hardy Rep to join the conversation to cover the new silica standard.

]Your crews were always very friendly and willing to do things that I asked of them. They are super productive and the end product looks great. They worked long hours and got the job done on time. When the crew was concerned about certain details, or how to proceed with a detail that isn’t called out in the plans, they would come find me to discuss. More often than not Amigo Construction already had an idea of what to do and it was almost always the right solution.

I truly enjoyed working with Amigo Constructions office personnel as well as the field crew and look forward to working with them again

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