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Amigo Construction LLC was originally established in 1992 by Odilon, or Ode, Melendez as Amigo Painting, providing painting services for private residential homes. In 2004, Ode brought his son Wensy into the business, and it was around this time that Amigo decided to entirely concentrate on the commercial sector with emphasis on exterior cladding. In 2008, the name was changed from Amigo Painting to Amigo Construction.

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Amigo Construction, LLC offers a variety of exterior cladding services to the commercial sector. We pride ourselves on our teamwork and professionalism, as well as our face-to-face, friendly and personal approach with our clients. Take a moment to browse our website, see what services we offer and take a look at our past and current projects. Let us bring your project to life!

Coming soon! We are now also specializing in assembly of Metal Wall Panels. Contact us for more information.


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