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Ode Melendez  -  President

Ode Melendez our President at Amigo Construction.  Ode has a quiet demeanor, but he has a large base of ideas. He never stops with just face value. He is very proud of his family and his business and wants to ensure that each contract is fulfilled beyond expectation.

Wendy Melendez.jpg

Wensy Melendez  -  Vice President

Wensy Melendez our Vice President at Amigo Construction. Wensy is the driver of the business; he is able to build a successful employee base and maintain a positive relationship with them, as well as with contractors. He expects his employees to perform to the best of their ability, and provides training so that they can constantly improve their knowledge and skills. His four beautiful children help to keep him motivated.


Lizeth Melendez  -  Office Manager

Lizeth is our diligent Office Manager here at Amigo Construction.  She has been an integral part of the growth of this company from the very beginning and is therefore exceptionally informed and invested.   Lizeth plays the vital role of managing all administrative and fiscal responsibilities.  As Controller of Amigo Construction, Lizeth is responsible for all the accounting functions, including receivables, payables and long-term planning. She enjoys spending time with her three children.


Jason Beauchamp  -  Operations Manager

Jason comes to us with a background in Architecture and Engineering in Commercial Construction. Jason heads up our ACM Cladding, and utilizes his previous experience with 3D Scanning, AutoCad, Design, CNC Programming and Analysis to streamline our ACM process, improve accuracy and installation time. Jason's hobbies include Disc golf and being a Volunteer FireFighter with the Monona Fire Department.  


Angela Bates  -  Project Manager

Angela brings to the table over 15 years of experience as a Project Manager in different areas of  construction.  She is an upbeat self-motivated team player.  She currently is the Project Manager involved with several ACM projects to bring them in under budget and a timely completion.  She loves cooking and playing games with her daughter. 

Pamela Berkevich Headshot.jpg

Pamela Berkevich – Accounting Manager

Pamela came to Amigo with over 30 years of accounting experience in both retail and manufacturing settings. She is a dedicated and diligent employee. She is currently establishing a project cost tracking system to help in the bidding process and ensure projects come in within budget. She enjoys reading and spending time with her six grandchildren.

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