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Ode Melendes_President.jpg

Ode Melendez  -  Founder

Ode Melendez our President at Amigo Construction.  Ode has a quiet demeanor, but he has a large base of ideas. He never stops with just face value. He is very proud of his family and his business and wants to ensure that each contract is fulfilled beyond expectation.

Wendy Melendez.jpg

Wensy Melendez  -  Vice President & CEO

Wensy Melendez our Vice President at Amigo Construction. Wensy is the driver of the business; he is able to build a successful employee base and maintain a positive relationship with them, as well as with contractors. He expects his employees to perform to the best of their ability, and provides training so that they can constantly improve their knowledge and skills. His four beautiful children help to keep him motivated.

Pamela Berkevich Headshot.jpg

Pamela Berkevich – Accounting Manager

Pamela came to Amigo with over 30 years of accounting experience in both retail and manufacturing settings. She is a dedicated and diligent employee. She is currently establishing a project cost tracking system to help in the bidding process and ensure projects come in within budget. She enjoys reading and spending time with her six grandchildren.

Bob's Headshot.jpg

Robert Delk – Project Manager

As an engineer hired for my CAD and built environment knowledge I have added project management to my title here.  With over ten years of exterior cladding experience I can communicate articulate project goals while fostering a collaborative and motivated team environment. From the design phase, ordering materials, programing of acm panels, or installation my adaptability enables me to navigate evolving project requirements and make informed decisions to keep initiatives on track. Overall my dedication to delivering successful projects, coupled with my strong analytical and interpersonal skills, positions me as an effective and reliable project manager and engineer.

Baba's Headshot.jpg

Babacar Kone – Pre-Construction Manager

Babacar is our Pre-Construction Manager. He has a strong background in the construction world doing woodworking, HVAC, and metal construction. He works closely with contractors and manufacturers to provide accurate bids to our customers. He uses his knowledge of BIM software, such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Bluebeam to streamline this process. He enjoys playing sports, photography, spending time with his family, and caring for his landscape and garden

Andrew's Headshot.jpg

Andrew Downing – Executive Assistant

Andrew is our Executive Assistant here at Amigo Construction. Having gotten his start on the shop floor, he’s been able to use that experience to build his knowledge of the industry. Andrew primarily spends his time on active job coordination and working with our vendors but has no issue helping wherever it may be needed. In his free time, Andrew coaches high school football in Cambridge, and loves to fish and spend time with family and friends.

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